Carmen Grey

Located in Yountville, California, Vintage Sotheby’s International Realty was established in 2009 primarily focused on Napa Valley Residential Real Estate. Today, the company services Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties in the North Bay Area and is a full-service brokerage specializing in Residential, Vineyard Estates, Wineries, Business M&A and Commercial Real Estate.. The owners and agents at the firm live within the region and are experts in the local communities, allowing them to deliver a personalized experience and better results for clients in marketing and selection of properties of all kinds.

Carmen Grey

About Carmen Gray:

Carmen grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and has built up a valuable personal and business network. She is known for applying fresh marketing ideas, perspectives and solutions to today’s multi-faceted real estate market and business world. This helps her to tailor solutions specific to her Clients' residential, commercial investment and business asset needs. Carmen treats each Client like family, whether it is helping them to sell their property or to find the right income property to buy or lease.

As a specialist in Wine Country properties and businesses, Carmen takes each transaction seriously, understanding that every scenario is different, including where there may be a 1031 exchange, or an alternative investment may need to be considered. Her diverse background has enhanced her ability to think outside the box & focus always on maximizing the return on investment for her Clients. As a Managing Partner of Vintage Sotheby's International Realty - Elite Partners, Carmen brings together any specialists that are needed for particularly complex Client transactions.

She has been recognized as a top performer for every company and is well known for her collaborative working style both within and between dynamic business organizations. For many years, Carmen was a top sales and business leader in the healthcare industry. Her primary focus was marketing, sales and sales management. Carmen obtained a BA in speech communications, with an emphasis in intercultural communications from San Francisco State University. She is a Licensed Real Estate Agent throughout the State of California.

Carmen Grey

About Peter Gray:

As a Commercial Real Estate professional who also performs business brokerage, I have spent years handling transactions across the full spectrum of commercial real estate sectors, rather than focusing specifically upon a single niche to the exclusion of all else. I do this because I have a broad and deep business background across many industries, and our Clients tend to have diversified investment portfolios, wide ranging interests and complex needs. Our commitment is to be able to handle these for them, work closely with their existing professional advisors, and to bring in any partners with specialist expertise that may also be valuable for specific transactions.

Many of Carmen's. and our extended Partners', Clients are either startups looking for guidance in their first lease, or growth stage companies seeking to make their first purchase of a commercial property. Other Clients are mid-size to large companies looking to expand into new locations or a larger HQ space, or investment funds seeking to do new transactions or developments. Then we have Clients at the retirement stage where they are ready to sell their business and/or the real property that goes with it. Whether it is helping with their business plan, performing a Comparable Market Analysis of their likely business worth, prior to a formal valuation by a specialist 3rd party professional, or needing a fractional business executive to step in, I am here to help.

I have also been a business strategy professional and Fractional Chief Operating Officer to my executive consulting Clients for roughly 20 years, helping my Clients to grow their businesses and eventually to turn them into independently valuable assets that can operate without them, if necessary. This ensures that the business can fetch the maximum valuation possible when it comes time for the Owner to sell it …even if that “sale” is merely to the next generation of the family or to key employees/management. For over 19 years now I have been helping early stage start-ups and mid-market companies that are seeking to grow to 2-5 times their current size within the next 4-10 years. Generally their revenues are between $5M and $75M.

As a long time Northern California resident, I know from experience the multi-fold benefits to both businesses and families for choosing this incredibly centralized, convenient and affordable location within Northern California. We are in the most amazing Wine Country and within easy reach of three major international airports, as well as an easy drive away from San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Walnut Creek and Santa Rosa. Prior to this I lived in San Francisco, the upper Midwest, Canada and the UK. I was educated at Cambridge University.

Wayne Mayhew

I seldom, if ever leave reviews. But in the case of Carmen and Peter Gray and Partners, I must!! Carmen and her partners are phenomenal, she stepped up and smashed a grand slam. Carmen successfully closed numerous properties for me. And these were not your easy projects. Carmen's marketing skills and get it done approach is second to none. Prior to hiring Carmen and her partners, we had several "seasoned" pros take are listings- post on loopnet / crexi and wait for a buyer(s). Zero results! Carmen got out and closed the deals, found the buyers and produced top dollar on each project. I cannot say enough good things about these aggressive pros. Their attention to detail is annoyingly perfect. Exceptional attention to every detail. AND always picked the phone up for discussions. Please feel free to reach me directly if you feel the need, I am happy to share my personal experience working with Carmen Gray and her team. Thank you, Carmen, you have all my business! Regards, Wayne Mayhew

Rupert Cervantes

I can't say enough good things about Carmen Grey and Peter Grey. Carmen and her team did an amazing job on the sale of our commercial property. My wife and I truly value her expertise, professionalism, and positive attitude/approach. We will use her services again when the need arises. We strongly recommend having her and her team represent you in any real estate transaction you may have!

Sheryl B

Carmen and the team were extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to work with all the way through the complete process. I would highly recommend them for any of your real estate needs!!!

Michele Woodruff

I highly recommend Carmen when listing your property. They are highly motivated about their work. Her marketing is fresh and the way she thinks outside the box is awesome! She knows her high end real estate well. When I see high end properties I immediately think of Carmen. I cannot say enough about her professionalism. You will not be disappointed and will be referring her to all of your friends.

Darren Loveland

I've had the pleasure of working with Carmen and Peter for years. Their professionalism, enthusiasm, genuine care for their clients, and creative thinking are all first class. They work with an energy and vibrancy that is often unmatched. They possess a unique eye to take projects from good to great, they are prompt, follow through with her word, and bring a wide array of skills to any transaction. Carmen and Peter also maintain and grow an exceptional professional network, enabling business opportunities and growth that others in their field most likely cannot provide. Highly recommended to work with and collaborate!

Cervantes Prado Dental

Carmen and Peter Gray are absolutely knowledgeable and dedicated. They strategize and get things done. Aside from their professionalism they are personable and amiable. The best experience I’ve had with the sale of a commercial transaction. I recommend Carmen and Peter Gray and their team of partners for any of your next real estate transaction needs.